A Bit of History

A great stampede of dreamers fled to the remote regions of the north once word got out that three men by the names of George Carmack, Skookum Jim, and Tagish Charlie had struck it rich in the gold fields of the Yukon.

People from all over the world left everything they had due to the infections case of gold fever, although getting to the hills filled with gold was a life risking experience all on its own, an estimated 100,000 stampeders attempted the trip but only 30,000 to 40,000 people actually managed to arrive. The gruesome expedition to arrive in Dawson City took many people by surprise, some attempted to hike the White Pass or the Chilkoot Trail. Both ways where so brutal due to drastic weather changes and rough terrain that travellers where forced to take a supplies weighting at least a ton, to avoid death due to lack of necessities. After the exhausting trip through the trails, travellers where faced with another feet to overcome. Once on the river banks, stampeders had to survive deadly rapids, sandbars, overloading of boats, and also safety regulations put in by the R.C.M.P.  to avoid continuous deaths on the rivers due to extreme conditions.

Very quickly Dawson City became the largest city West of Winnipeg and North of Seattle, the population reached 30,000 people and the town was quickly modernized with telephones, running water, electric light and steam heating. Elaborate hotels, theaters and dance halls where built to entertain the constant arrival of new-comers, and the town filled up with gold miners, dancing girls, photographers and writers.

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