Dawson City

Today the town of Dawson City holds a population of 1500 people, although the little historical town brings about 60,000 visitors each year. Today placer mining is the main tactic used to extract the gold, placer mining is a technique by which gold is removed from gravel using water and gravity. There are currently 13,766 active claims in the Yukon area, which about 100 of them are family owned and operated.
Dawson City is constantly bringing people from all over the world, weather its to learn about the rich history of the Klondike Gold Rush or to see the breath-taking Aurora Borealis, its seem most people are captured by the beauty of the town and become an official “Sourdough’, meaning one has seen the river freeze-up and break-up.

For the official Dawson City website, please follow the following links;

www.DawsonCity.ca or www.yukoninfo.com/dawson-city-yukon/ or http://trondekheritage.com/danoja-zho/

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